The ACCA is actively encouraging public input and participation in the development of the Albany Convention Center facility. Towards this end, the ACCA is has established rules for receiving public input during its regular meetings. The following rules will govern the public comment period during the regular meetings of the ACCA:

  • At the beginning of each regular meeting of the Authority Board, up to the first thirty minutes of the meeting will be set aside for receipt of public comment
  • Those wishing to speak will be required to enter their name and relevant contact information on a sign-in sheet provided by the ACCA
  • Each speaker will be limited to one (1) three (3) to five (5) minute period
  • Speakers may not question the members of the ACCA, however, the members of the ACCA may question speakers for purposes of clarification
  • Upon the motion and a majority vote of the Board, the public comment period may be suspended an or extended or the rules waived
  • The ACCA will accept written comments at the meeting as well as any comments received at least 24 hours prior to the meeting
  • The ACCA will enter all written comment as a part of the meeting record and will make a reasonable effort to document verbal comments. It is the intent of the ACCA to record the comments including name of speaker and area of comment for future reference if needed. Written comment is strongly encouraged.

Public comment may be mailed to:

Michele L. Vennard

Chair, Albany Convention Center Authority Board

C/O Albany Capital Center

55 Eagle St.

Albany, NY 12207