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RFQ to Furnish and Install Interior structural Mezzanines


The Albany Convention Center Authority was created in 2004 as a public benefit corporation by the enactment of Title 28-BB of the Public Authorities Law (Chapter 468 of the Laws of 2004).

The Authority was created to meet an immediate need to institute a comprehensive, coordinated program of convention activities in the city of Albany. It will provide the City of Albany with the ability to develop, renovate and undertake economic development projects in the historic downtown area to optimize the economic and social activities of city and its environs.

Mission Statement 

The New York state legislature found, determined, and declared that a convention center facility located in downtown Albany will provide significant economic and social benefits to the City and County of Albany and the entire capital district region and that locating such convention center facility in the City of Albany is in the public interest, given the convenience and accessibility of the City, its significance in the history of the State, its stature as the capital city of the State and the seat of State government. 

It is therefore the purpose and mission of the Albany Convention Center Authority to design, develop, plan, finance, create, site, construct, renovate, administer, operate, manage, and maintain a convention center facility within the downtown area of the City of Albany.


Albany Convention Center Authority By-Laws [View]

NYS Enabling Legislation

PBA - Public Authorities
2675-A - Short title. [PDF]
2675-B - Statement of legislative findings. [PDF]
2675-C - Definitions. [PDF]
2675-D - Albany Convention Center Authority. [PDF]
2675-E - General purposes and powers of the authority. [PDF]
2675-F - Preliminary study of the authority. [PDF]
2675-G - Public hearings of the authority. [PDF]
2675-H - Contracts. [PDF]
2675-I - Monies of the authority. [PDF]
2675-J - Bonds of the authority. [PDF]
2675-K - Agreements of the state. [PDF]
2675-L - State, county and city not liable on bonds. [PDF]
2675-M - Bonds; legal investment of fiduciaries. [PDF]
2675-N - Tax exemption and tax contract by the state. [PDF]
2675-O - Remedies for bond holders. [PDF]
2675-P - Actions against authority. [PDF]
2675-Q - Annual reports. [PDF]
2675-R - Severability. [PDF]

For a copy of the complete legislation please click [PDF]


Code of Ethical Conduct - Revised [PDF]
Employee Code of Ethics - Revised [PDF]
Investment Policy and Guidelines [PDF]
Real Property Acquisition [PDF]
Disposition of Property [PDF]
Procurement Policy [PDF]
Policy On Public Access {PDF}
Lobbying Policy {PDF}


HVS Updated Study 2016 {PDF


Organizational Chart