23 Aug

Conversations with Champions Day 4

  • Time(s): 2:00PM - 6:00PM
  • Location: Albany Capital Center

Tickets: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/000056648DB61F53

2:00pm - Self Image + Self Worth

Being comfortable in your own skin can take some discipline and focus.  With today’s obsessions on body shape, fitness, glamour and Photoshopped celebrity role models, looking and feeling your best can be challenging. Join this conversation on self-image and self-worth through the lens of Champions who struggled with the same issues and took the right steps to success.

3:30pm - Coaching Next Gen Champions

How do you coach young women to become world-class champions? This candid conversation reveals the highs, lows, challenges and the role modeling coaches play to bring out the inner champion in female athletes. And how does coaching play a crucial role off the playing fields?

5:00pm - Entrepeneurship

 Do you have a business idea but not exactly sure how to begin?  Lisa Delpy Neirotti is an expert business woman and professor who will share personal start-up stories, experiences, and advice for both products and services. The entrepreneurs speaking during this session do a deep dive into what it takes be your own boss. Whether you are an athlete training for your next Olympic Games, considering other career options, a retired athlete or a member of the entourage, you will hear how to set up your future self for success.  Sara Tracey, senior editor Women@Work and Upstate magazine will moderate the conversation

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