22 Aug

Conversations with Champions Day 3

  • Time(s): 2:00PM - 6:00PM
  • Location: Albany Capital Center

Tickets: https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/000056648DB61F53

2:00pm - High Performance

World-class athletes speak out on their careers, lives and what it means to achieve global recognition as the top athletes in their fields. They will also discuss how young women can strive to reach their personal potentials – even against all odds – and how to rise above adversity to succeed and thrive. Susan Mehalick, executive editor Women@Work and city editor of the Times Union will moderate the conversation.

3:30pm - Resiliance

What roles do resilience, imagination and creativity play in reinventing yourself?  How do you tap into your inner strength and conviction to win?  And then what do you do to keep winning after your professional career as a champion is over? The conversation will be moderated by Leigh Hornbeck, senior writer Women@Work at the Times Union.

5:00pm - Power and Persuasion

Champions discuss the how to take advantage of the opportunities today to learn how sports, competition and training can transform your life — personally and professionally. The experiences you have and the lessons you learn about yourself and teamwork will give you an advantage off the playing fields. Sara Tracey, senior editor, Women@Work and Upstate magazine will interview the featured speaker.

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